Manufacturing License

Manufacturing License


1. What is a Manufacturing License? 

The Industrial Coordination Act (ICA), 1975 requires a company engaging in any manufacturing activity to obtain a manufacturing licence. Manufacturing companies with shareholders’ funds of RM2.5 million and above or engaging 75 or more full-time employees need to apply for a manufacturing licence under the ICA.

2. What is the Benefits of MANUFACTURING LICENSE?

– MIDA will assist in your business problem. eg, kastam hold your stock, MIDA can issue a letter to ask them to process faster.
– It is very LOW COST maintenance than Majlis Perbandaran License.
– It will advantage from TAX ALLOWANCE or TAX EXEMPTION your company save corporate tax up to 10 years, 70%-100%. (Terms & Conditions are applied)  

3. How long does it take to approve the manufacturing with incentive applications?

Manufacturing License, Exemption from Customs Duties, Expatriate Posts, and Status for Regional Establishments and R&D Company are approved after 4 weeks from the date of complete information received. Approval for incentives is given after 6 weeks from the date of complete information received. 
don't expect so fast. normally 3-6months.

4. If my company does not have a manufacturing licence, can I apply for Pioneer Status / Investment Tax Allowance? 

A company exempted from Manufacturing Licence is eligible to apply Pioneer Status/Investment Tax Allowance if the products/activities are promoted and the project has fulfilled other related criteria. 
better to have MANUFACTURING LICENCE for your business.

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