New / start up Business Loan

New / start up Business Loan

There is HARD for NEW Entreprenuers to apply bIG business loan and financing

if New Entrepreneur ( 3 years & below company registered under SSM ) interests to apply loan to expand their business. There have only 4 solutions

1) Apply For New Start Up Business Business Loan, amount 50k – 300k , 5 years
– Sdn Bhd only, 2 years above.

2) Apply Personal Loan, max amount per person around 100k only7 years

3) Ask for parents’ company permission, to use their parents’ company to apply business loan for their children. (MUST HAVE OFFICE/SHOP)

4) if you are sdn bhd, buy an old enterprise to support


如果新的企业家(3年 或 以下的SSM公司下注册)兴趣申请贷款,以拓展业务。目前只有4解决方案 

1)申请新初创企业商业贷款,金额50K – 300K,5年 
– 公司必须sdn bhd, 2年以上


3)询问父母的公司的许可,使用其父母的公司申请其子女创业贷款。 (必须有办公室/商店)

4) 如果你有一年sdn bhd, 可以买一间旧的enterprise

Young Entrepreneur Fund (YEF) is a special fund allocated by the Government as part of its continuous strategy of acculturation and creation of new entrepreneurs among Malaysian youth.The purpose of this fund is to provide alternative access to the young entrepreneurs in obtaining financing to start their new business as well as for the needs of their existing business.

Financing Concept Based on Shariah financing concept (Bai’ Inah, Bai’ Bithaman Ajil, Ijarah, Ijarah Thummabai’, and Bai’ Istisna)

Purpose & Margin of Financing Working Capital – purchases of raw materials, stocks, overhead cost, advertising & promotion etc Up to 100%


  • Reimbursement is allowed for expenses not more than 3 months old at the point of financing approval

Purchase of Assets for Business Operations Loose tools, machinery & equipment, office equipment etc Brand New Up to 95% , Used / Reconditioned Up to 70%

Minimum : RM20,000
Maxiimum: RM100,000

 Tenure Up to 7 years including maximum 1 year grace period

Net Profit Rate  5% per annum (Annuity Monthly Rest)


 Malaysian youth between 18 to 30 years of age, owning a business

  • The business is registered with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) under a sole-proprietorship or partnership firm, or a Sdn Bhd company
  • For a partnership firm or a Sdn Bhd Company, the youth applicant must hold majority shares of more than 51% AND is the key decision maker
  • Minimum possession of entrepreneurship / vocational certificate
  • Those without entrepreneurship / vocational certificate could be considered through the acquisition of entrepreneurship training from Centre for Entrepreneur Development and Research (CEDAR), SME Bank
  • Start-up companies/firms, defined as in operations less than 1 year, may be considered

Security & Collateral  Minimum 10% Cash Collateral ( 1 : 10 )

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